Richard - portraitRichard Snell

Richard Snell was a prominent furniture designer for over 45 years. He worked both as a designer for industry and as a design tutor at Birmingham City University. During his academic life he undertook a number of industry facing research projects in collaboration with David Rowe. These resulted in the design, development and manufacture of several ranges of furniture. He was awarded a Professorship of the University in 2007 and later became an Emeritus Professor.

His designs were often generated by specific projects with end products being specified for use in airports, restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges, universities and for use on concert platforms, and sold world-wide.  Richard designed the new ‘Apero’Range, and in partnership with David Rowe, developed the SE Chair Range (‘Classic’ and ‘Curve’) following their extensive research of the postural needs of school children and school management issues.